Find Your Heart's Jewel

A journey
begins with a decision
a choice to change
move into the unknown
awaken something within
it can be clear
an act of faith
to search out
something not yet seen
find the jewel of your heart
caress it
learn it's secrets
bring it back home

A journey
one not chosen
a tilting of one's universe
brought on by sudden movement
a death, a shocking event
if we know
it to be Spirit's prodding
we may find the jewel
if we fight it
the pain is the reflection
of our resistance
the battle we do
with what is
the harder we fight
the more pain we feel

A journey
to the end of time
many roads to follow
which one today?
Follow where you will
open your mind
Let me wrap
my arms around you
rest dear one
and when you are ready
lift up your head
and walk on
the jewel awaits you

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