Finches, hummingbirds, robins and more

I've spent the last four days watching the many birds who fly through our suburban backyard. Two years ago two of the neighbors behind us cut down their large trees and another neighbor followed suit this past summer. I was afraid that was the end of the birds in our yard.

At the same time, we've been doing a lot of planting. We put in the rain garden with lots of native plants and perennial flowers, the herb garden and built out our food forest and a pond. We didn't cut down any of the perennials last fall as I'd read it's good for insects and the birds to leave them standing over winter. The net effect has been amazing.

There is no way we could count the numbers of birds who come through the yard every day. I could sit for hours and watch them at play and listen to their songs. This has truly been an unexpected delight of the natural gardening practices we have been putting into place.

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