Drizzle on the window

Window drizzle
Its a rainy day.
I've had only a few hours sleep.
Spent hours in the night
updating the front page of the site.
Now I have a home for my writing
I find I have nothing to say.
Its that force of expectation.
Its that idea I "should be" doing this.
I know, its nonsense -
I do it because
it feeds my soul,
keeps my mind more calm,
gives me a voice.
I simply have to do it.
I have a place to say
all those things in my mind.
Folks can listen or not
it doesn't really matter.
I get to speak.
Someone will listen.
Someone will care.
I'll feel heard.
Its a strange little fiction
playing out day to day.
Drizzle on the window,
tomorrow perhaps the sun,
maybe a night of sleep.
As always -
will be a new day
and I'll feel the muse
kicking around in my head
kicking up dust
sparking the imagination
spreading her sprinkles of inspiration
and I'll feel whole
once again.