Deep-Rooted Good

I've been an infrequent visitor
The best pathway I know
kneel down at the altar
bow my head
give it up to the Divine
maybe cry a few tears
say a few words of gratitude
get up off that bench
and walk
into the rest of the house
and get it done
or go outside
and dig in the dirt
or work on a project
give myself something
to feel good about
then, and only then
and only some days
do I find
the deep-rooted good.

Photo credit: Jason Williard (1983-2016)

Grief and depression are deeply intertwined. I lost my son almost three years ago and my mom earlier this year. It's been a difficult road and I'm struggling a bit. These words remind me I can get there some days. Hang it. I truly believe it gets better.

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