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Voices in My Head

Something has changed
somewhere I made a decision
not to listen to the voices in my head
to just move forward
let them clamor in the background
tell me what they'd like
I don't hear them anymore
Ironically what's left
is almost as unsettling
I'm wandering a bit
lost in a world of unknowns
feeling like I should be somewhere
with nowhere to go
I wish I could tell you what I did
to make the voices slip away
I have no idea
Maybe I realized they weren't real
they were figments of my 
overactive imagination
rasping ghosts of moments past
bullies with no name
I discovered I could do it anyway
just ignore them 
do whatever I wanted
I can still feel their wrath
posting an image of myself
wondering if I look good enough
or if people can see how tired
how life has worn me down
and then I decide
I don't care
Those who want to judge
can go to hell
In truth they'll say or think
what they will
and move on
only those who want or need
what I have to say
will pay attention
that's empowering
I don't have to be loved by you
I only need to care for myself
Sitting around arguing 
with those damned voices
has gotten me nowhere
so why not try a different approach
ignore them and move on

Loves, Victoria

Photo credit: I took the photo, my Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law made the eggs. I thought they added a bit of humor. The next time those voices start saying crazy things in your head, imagine them looking like this.