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What Are You Nostalic For

Jason and statue

What am I nostalgic for?
simpler times
grace in movement
a strong, healthy body
a beautiful voice
singing my heart out
my son's laughter
family together at the holidays
my mom busy in her garden
buying plants together
these are all things
that slip away with age
one has to find grace 
in wisdom and understanding
one has to work harder
for a strong body
understand its limits
the voice falters
songs are no longer sung
people pass on
either through illness
or at their own hand
life shifts and changes
surrendering to the cycle
it's part of growing
part of life.
A certain sadness
resides now 
at the core 
of who I am
I accept it
sometimes sit with it
other times
focus on the here and now
it's a practice
in living a whole life
I've come to accept
it will always be there
it too is part of life

Photo credit: Matthew Bernard Bentson-Royal