Clearing the mind

Our mind is an incredible tool. It has the capacity to learn and retain knowledge, to facilitate communication and to imagine amazing and wondrous things. It can also create chaos in our relationships, fill us with fear and anxiety and disrupt any possibility of peace in our lives. We can control our minds but few of us do or realize we can. Controlling the mind is the greatest discipline I have found. The first step is to decide what we want to change. If we are having thoughts that are creating fear or discomfort, we can decide we want to think of something else.

As an example... Last year I had something going on with my body I was afraid may be cancer. I scheduled an appointment with the doctor but it would be several days. In this case, it was easy to wonder and worry about what the future held. But, each time I thought something bad was going to happen, I would instead either see a good outcome, no cancer, or I would think of something entirely different, like walking on a beach or spending time in my garden. Changing what we think about doesn't change the outcome, but it does make the waiting easier.

When we decide we want to start thinking about more positive things, our minds will resist the change. For some reason, many of us seem to be programmed with the desire to think disaster. Perhaps its part of our world's focus on disaster or simply some piece of the human condition. But we can choose to think more positive thoughts. We can choose to ignore that voice inside our heads that says something bad is happening and instead think of good things.

So what kinds of steps can we take to clear our minds, to get a fresh wind blowing the cobwebs of fear and anxiety out and allowing relaxation and peace in? What ways can we occupy our minds in learning new skills or new information?

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