The choice for gray hair

I found my first gray hair in my early twenties but until a couple of years ago have colored to keep them covered. Then I decided to go natural. It worked until I saw the pictures from my Mother's 70th birthday party. I panicked and colored again. That lasted about 6 months and then a couple of months ago I got tired of the fake color.

You see, I'm almost totally gray and no matter whether the color is done professionally or not, the color turns odd pretty quickly. So, I took the razor I use to cut my other half's hair, put on the 1" attachment and shaved my hair off. It was a bit shocking at first because it was so short and there's still some color left on the ends. I figure in another couple of weeks I can repeat the shave job and I'll be gray again to stay. My biggest issues were that I was concerned about the chemicals I was putting on my body and into the water and I just couldn't justify it with the goals I had for working towards sustainability.

The funny part is that until about 50 years ago, it was considered inappropriate for women to color their hair. Only "fast" women colored their hair. Then Clairol came out with the "Does she... or doesn't she" advertisement and most women got on board. It is much like so many other items where we fall for the advertising line and jump on the consumer boat. And, yes, it's freaky to be turning 50 this year and looking at silver hair. After all, I have this clear recollection of my Grandmother at 54 and thinking how old she was.

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