Cheyenne, a Dog with a Purpose

Image of a dog in the grass

Photo by Author

not much of a morning girl
She hides away
under a blanket
or deep in her clam-shell bed
a gentle soul
biding her time
But a warm afternoon
and a fresh molehill?
She's found heaven
She digs
tearing at the grass
with her teeth
intent on her prey
Then she stops
lies down on the ground
and waits
Not sure if she hears
or smells
or feels the mole
running below her
Suddenly she's up
back to digging
with new fervor
Once in a great while
she comes up
with the prize
One quick shake
she tosses the mole
on the ground to die
It can seem a bit brutal
for a first time observer
For her
it's all in a day's work

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