Cat Lessons on Power Struggles

Nelson taking a cat nap

I have started doing yoga in the mornings. We have an old pillow I use during the last part of the routine to sit on. This morning, I started preparing my space – putting down the mat, getting my strap, etc. I turned to pick up the pillow and our cat, Nelson, was starting to paw it. I went ahead and took the pillow and set it where I would need to for my yoga. As I turned on the stereo, Nelson walked over, looked at the pillow and then sat in the middle of my mat.

I turned and quietly sat down on the mat and he walked away. He seemed to hesitate and then walked over and sat in my chair to take his nap. I just smiled. I had no idea he had been watching what I did or would know the next thing I might be needing. You see, Nelson and I have this funny relationship. Sometimes we’re all loving and sometimes we have a bit of a power struggle. I know, ridiculous and likely futile to be having a power struggle with a cat. But that’s my way.

I have long had this need to control my space. Ask my family and friends, they’ll tell you. As I’ve aged, I’ve become more graceful with the control but the element is still there. Part of my current journey is to learn to claim my space, have respect for myself but to be gentle with the world around me. I guess Nelson was just reminding me about the little things that can creep in to test me on my journey.

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