Balancing relationships and conservation

I am one of those who can become very passionate about saving our planet. It's not so much about being an "environmentalist" as it is about loving nature. I love the feel of a cool breeze on my face as I'm gardening or the site of a bird flitting about my yard. Nature seems to feed my soul and I truly miss it during the part of the year when things are wet and wild in our area of the world.

During a recent visit of some family members, I got to practice being kind rather than getting on my soapbox. Building the relationship was much more important than the environment for those few days. So, I noted when they helped to clean up the kitchen and left the water running for what seemed like hours or when they talked about all the stuff they wanted to buy for their soon to blossom family. But, I kept my mouth shut and appreciated that they were conscious of recycling and eating healthy. They were taking steps and that was important so I could preach just a little... yes, lost control at one point.. and just love them in the place they are at.

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