Appreciating beauty

Image of new spring growth

Writing -
it's been a while,
wandering in the dark,
hiding around the corner.
But now,
with spring upon us,
I crawl up from the
deep, dark, moist Earth
and begin again.
There are bright days now.
The grief doesn't always
engulf me,
There are spaces between,
where I can breathe,
where I can enjoy life,
where I can do and be
something more.
The grief doesn't always
include tears anymore,
though they can still
catch me unaware at times.
There are days filled with grief
but there are more days
filled with life and loving
and possibility.
I still miss my son,
his smile, his humor,
his annoying perfection,
but I can appreciate all the beauty
I still have in my life.
I'm learning
to turn towards the living
and tuck my dear son
into a quiet place
inside my heart.

Many blessings,

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