Sleeping, Or Not

Full moon
I lie awake at night
the full moon overhead.
I really should be sleeping
all curled up in my bed.

Instead my mind is wandering
thoughts running to and fro.
I wish I could be sleeping
and snoring nice and low.

I wander round the household
checking dogs and cats.
They're all happily sleeping
all snug upon their mats.


I want

I want to see my way clearly
I want to jump with joy for the knowing
I want to change the world for the better
I want to know, and do, and be joyous

I want to feel a thrill when I see that glimmer in your eyes
I want to revel in your attentions
I want to feel and act freely with no reservations
I want to know, and do, and be ecstatic

I want to be a part, smack dab in the middle
I want to feel the touch of each heart
I want to see the excitement in all eyes
I want to know, and do, and be connected


I will always love you

I see before me a beautiful soul
who sometimes swims alone in the dark.
I want you to know
you can call on me even in your darkest hour.
I am terrified when I see that look in your eyes
of hovering on the abyss of darkness.
I want to see peace and contentment
in your eyes.
I want to be able to celebrate your todays
without fearing for your tomorrows.
I want to know
you are okay.
I want you to know
I love you and I see you.
I will love you
even when you don't think